Diva Yoga- #NowLetThatCrossYourMind
Diva Yoga- #NowLetThatCrossYourMind

Presenting the indomitable spirit of
Women’s Day through the eyes of
women from different walks of life.


Diva Yoga – a women’s only yoga brand wanted to present an unadulterated version of what women go through and yet they are scaling heights every day.

diva Yoga

The video #NowLetThatCrossYourMind talks about different situations women face every day. From being groped in public to getting sleazy remarks from colleagues or bosses, they face it all but never speak up fearing that they may be judged or face further ramifications. But does that mean, ‘it never crossed their mind’ to expose these daily demons of their lives?

The thought-provoking video presents women from different walks of life sharing their ordeals in the most unadulterated way and leaving viewers with a powerful thought of ‘Now let that cross your mind’.


The video has been shared by influencers such as Malaika Arora, Yami Gautam, YouTube sensation Ranveer (Beer Biceps) and more, collectively taking the video to over 25 million followers. The video reached over 2 lakh people and has been viewed by over 25,000 people in just 3 days.

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