Studio-X by Set Wet (Marico)
Studio-X by Set Wet (Marico)

How to create a clutter-breaking
communication on social in the male
grooming category?


To create suave social media feed for a male
grooming brand


The category is driven by product-led, how to use with influencers and occasional moment marketing. Our strategy led with creating communication for men that’s shareworthy. We began with creating quirky campaigns like #GadgetsMenWishedExisted – a series of gadgets ideas like Shut Up Buddy, Gift Reminders. Then we created a Mancyclopedia which is a go-to encyclopedia with vocabulary for men. The product-led communication along with influencer was also driven by a brand idea that extended across social and drove product usage.


The campaign video saw an instant resonance with the 50-year-old and broke the previous ROI benchmarks of reducing the CPM by 100% and CPL by 70%.

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