Talk to Mr. SIP
Talk to Mr. SIP

How to make SIP synonymous to Kotak
Mutual Fund?


Kotak Mutual Fund wanted to create a memorable campaign under Investor Awareness Program (IAP) where you can’t directly sell let alone mention your brand!


Consumer research unveiled that SIP has salience amongst consumers however there are still a vast majority of fence-sitters who are not investing because they have a lot of unanswered questions. We hit two targets with a single arrow by personifying SIP as an approachable character, Mr. SIP, and fused it with voice tech to answer questions powered by a self-learning bot.


The 1st of its kind integrated campaign led by TV and supported by a series of videos garnered close to 10 million views on YouTube alone, in less than 20 days. The video series which answered specific questions got shared the most and traffic to the IAP website increased by 300 times.

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